Us and Them

2nd September 2020

Sala conferenze, Biblioteca “Tino Sangiglio” della Comunità Greco Orientale, Riva III Novembre, 7

Us and Them: stories and backgrounds of human diversities 

Starting from the presentation of the book Human diversity in Context published this year by EUT, Cinzia Ferrini, historian of philosophy at the University of Trieste (Units), will moderate a multidisciplinary debate aimed at understanding the thousand faces of human diversity. Experts from different fields, from the humanities to the psychological and sociological spheres, will dialogue on several topics of not only academic but also social relevance, such as racial classification, the concept of group identity and the us-them dichotomy, social norms and moral education.

Together with Cinzia Ferrini there will be Sergia Adamo (Professor of Comparative literature and Literary theory, Units), Leonardo Buonuomo (Professor of Anglo-American language and literature, Units), Tullia Catalan (Professor of Contemporary history, Units), Cinzia Chiandetti (Professor of Psychobiology and Physiological psychology) and Raoul Kirchmayr (Professor of Architecture, Units).


Photos Cinzia Ferrini