September 4th – October 29th 2020 – EXTENDED!

MLZ Art Dep, Via Galatti 14


The Neuro_Revolution exhibition is the result of an artist-in-residence project which involved six emergent artists called to question on how new technologies affect the human mind and behaviours. Selected by a jury through an open call, Camilla Alberti, Marco Antelmi, Leonardo Bentini, Luca Marcelli, the Orecchie d’Asino collective and Valerio Veneruso spent one month in Trieste undertaking a program which included workshops, tutorials, visits and meetings, both with curators and artists and with technology, robotics and cognitive neuroscience experts.

As a result of this experience, the exhibited works – including video, installation, virtual reality experience and collective artwork – focus on themes such as identity, sociality, biopower and subjectivity, offering a reflection on both the present and the future.

Visiting hours:
Tuesday-Wednesday, 10.00 am1.00 pm
Thursday-Friday, 5.00 pm7.00 pm
or by appointment.

For further information: 0402606091, airtrieste@gmail.com o marco@mlzartdep.com
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