Inside AUT

September 1st – 14th 2020

Palazzo Gopcevich

INSIDE AUT: autism, creativity, emotions

What would people affected by autism show us if they were the ones to select the images representing real or/ and fantasy forms and concepts? What would be the impact on the research?

One of the main objectives of the research focused on autism disorders (ASD) is the understanding of the context in which autism emerges taking into account the main challenge of the disorder, i.e. the communication difficulties. To understand life experiences, emotions, perceptions, scientists generally use stimulus in the form of images, which are selected by experimenters who are typically not affected by the disorder: they are “normal subjects”.

This exhibition goes beyond this limit and makes visible what subjects with autistic disorders see. With this goal, curators have created two journeys: off-camera photography, produced directly by people affected by ASD to uncover their experiences, perceptions and emotions, and portrait photography, produced by professional photographers who have worked with ASD people.



In addition to the exhibition the following talks on the topic will be held at Sala Bazlen of Palazzo Gopcevich

  • Autism today: from diagnosys to therapy 8th September 2020, 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm
  • Autism: the talent of music 9th September 2020, 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm
  • Autism and Microbiome: the research 10th September 2020, 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm