By a thread – Between Art and Geometry

From 20th August to 7th September

Mercato Coperto, Trieste

By a thread – Between Art and Geometry

Geometry and textile art meet in the art installation that will be available for visitors to see, from 20th August to 7th September, inside the  Mercato Coperto in Trieste. The installation has been created as a big collective art piece, made by assembling tridimensional models of hyperbolic planes, pseudo spheres and elical surfaces, fabricated with textile techniques by various members of the group and enthusiasts.

Bringing textile art to public spaces in the form of art installations is the goal of “yarn bombing” or “urban knitting”, a trend that is becoming more and more popular in the world. In this case textile art meets science through hyperbolic crochet, a technique that consists in crocheting geometric shapes, even very complex ones, and is often used to aid the study and visualization of Hyperbolic Geometry.

The project is organized by Associazione Culturale Pic Knit Art Cafè, in partnership with MezCucirini, Naturasi and Abilmente fiera.


Photo Courtesy: Monica Primosi