How to improve our relationship with nature after the coronavirus

Sala Assicurazioni Generali Politeama Rossetti, 5th September 2020

How to improve our relationship with nature after the coronavirus

The time spent at home due to the coronavirus was an opportunity for some of us to reflect on our relationship with ourselves, with others and also with nature. The origin of the pandemic – the too close interaction between human beings and ecosystems – helps us to open our eyes to our connection with nature. How should we behave to best preserve this relationship?

Two important people from the world of science and culture will talk about it:

  • Mauro Giacca: Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences at King’s College London, until 2018 he was general director of the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), an autonomous and intergovernmental organization operating inside the United Nations System and Center of Excellence for research, training and technology transfer to industry in the field of biotechnology for sustainable global development;
  • Paolo Giordano: physicist and writer, in 2008 he won the Strega prize with the novel The solitude of prime numbers. On 26 March 2020 he published the essay Nel contagio, with various reflections on our time and on the emergency linked to the coronavirus. He is Ambassador of ESOF2020.

The event is organized by the Trieste International Foundation for Progress and Freedom of Sciences (FIT) in collaboration with Politeama Rossetti

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Due to personal reasons, prof. Marica Branchesi will not take part in the conference

Photo courtesy of Il Rossetti