Disability nowadays: technologies and other supports

4th September 2020

Istituto Regionale Rittermeyer per i Ciechi, Viale Miramare 119

Disability nowadays: technologies and other supports

VIP not only means Very Important Person but it also refers to Visually Impaired People. The common thought is that people with disability are obliged to live a life of limitations because of their physical disadvantages. This may not be true, thanks to the introduction of new technologies that help facilitate the normal daily actions, also in the case of people with blindness.

The Istituto Regionale Rittmeyer per i Ciechi (Regional Institution Rittmeyer for the Blind) organises an event dedicated to the available languages and technologies for VIPs. With the help of the institute’s academic partners, attendees will learn how important are the languages used by VIPs, such as Braille, which help to build up “accessibility”, as affirmed by the former Vice-Minister for families and disabilities Vincenzo Zoccano.

On 4th September, in addition to the conference at Rittmeyers’ headquarters from 3.30 pm, it will be also possible visit the beautiful Villa donated by Baroness Cecilia de Rittmeyer at the beginning of 1900s, from 9.30 am to 12.30 am.


Photo courtesy: Istituto Regionale Rittermeyer per i Ciechi