Physics&Arts against CO2, the Linear Mirror and the Closed Cycle of Biomasses

29th July – 11th September 2020

Biblioteca Statale Stelio Crise Trieste

Physics&Arts against CO2, the Linear Mirror and the Closed Cycle of Biomasses

The topic of renewable energy to replace fossil fuels is one of the most important ones of our time and it’s also the focus of “Physics&Arts against CO2”, a project that will take form at Science in the City Festival from the 29th of July to the 11th of Semptember 2020.

In the garden of Biblioteca Statale Stelio Crise in Trieste, during the opening hours, the installation “Linear Mirror” will be displayed and guided tours will also be available. Moreover, on the exhibition floor II visitors will find art pieces from artists E. Mazzi, A. Castellan, L. Tolotti and F. Faidiga, on the subject of connecting science, art and society to create technology that respects nature and man.

In addition to the exhibitions the following talks and workshops will take place at the Biblioteca Statale Stelio Crise:

  • 4th August – 2.30 pm Workshop Cianotipie (A. Castellan – Associazione Acquamarina)
  • 11th August – 4.00 pm Seminar: “Lo Specchio Lineare” (H. Grassmann)
  • 13th August – 11.00 am Seminar: ”L’ attualità del meccanismo di Anticitera”(P. Bussotti – University of Udine)
  • 18th August – 00 pm Seminar: “CO2 free solutions for the planet” (F. Malek – CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research, Particle and Nuclear Physics Department), IN2P3)
  • 25th August– 2.30 pm Workshop Stenopeico (A. Castellan, L. Tolotti)
  • 26th August – 4.00 pm Seminar: “Project Collaboration in Africa” (D. Kobor – University Assane Seck of Ziguinchor Senegal, Prof. Grassmann – University of Udine)
  • 1st September – 3.00 pm Seminar: “From waste to renewable energy: another future is possible” (A. Piani – A&T2000)
  • 3rd September – 11.00 pm Seminar: “La conoscenza perduta della Biblioteca di Alessandria” (R. Otranto – University of Bari) – date still to be confirmed
  • 8th September – 4.00 pm Seminar: “Lo Specchio Lineare e il Ciclo Chiuso delle Biomasse” (H. Grassmann, A. Piani, Citossi) + demonstration Mirror of Pozzuolo
  • 10th September – 4.00 pm talk: “Conclusions of the project” (H. Grassmann)

The project is organized by University of Udine in partnership with Associazione Acquamarina, Rotary Mestre, Comune di Dolina, Istituto Bertoni Udine and Associazione Casa Cave, with the support of CICAP Pordenone and Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Photo Courtesy: A. Castellan