Energy as a global challenge: how to avoid the ‘perfect storm’.

23rd August 2020

Auditorium del Museo Revoltella

Energy as a global challenge: how to avoid the ‘perfect storm’.

What is the relationship between global warming and energy production and consumption? These two issues, only apparently distant, are of fundamental importance not only because of the increasingly frequent extreme climatic events, but also because of the need to tackle energy production with the least possible impact on the environment.

Starting from the current state of the energy transition (i.e. the transition from non-renewable sources to renewable ones), experts of national and international relevance will discuss possible future scenarios, indicating what economic, environmental and social effects and risks associated with energy production can be expected.

The title refers to the “perfect storm” introduced by Sir John Beddington in 2009 and expected for 2030: a combination of food, water and energy shortages with a strong impact on our society.

For this reason, in light of the growth of the world population and with better living conditions, new criteria will be needed to convert energy with maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact, with an evident relationship between energy production and global warming, including the effects on the availability of water and food.

Speakers will be Nicola Armaroli (research director of the CNR and member of the Royal Society of Chemistry), Filippo Giorgi (director of the Earth Sciences section of the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) of Trieste), Vanni Lughi (associate professor of Science and Materials Technology at the University of Trieste), Alessandro Massi Pavan (professor in Electrical Engineering at the University of Trieste), Marina Cobal (professor of Physics at the University of Udine) and Maurizio Fermeglia (full professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Trieste).
Journalist Cristina Serra will moderate the event.


The conference will stream online here from 5.00 pm to 6:30 pm.

Foto cortesia Università di Trieste