Eating sustainably though the marine food chain

4th September 2020

Antico Caffé San Marco, Trieste

Eating sustainably though the marine food chain

A “scientific tasting” in which dinner and scientific explanation are deliciously, scientifically and creatively integrated in the menu!

The served dishes will be the starting point to deepen the scientific ecological aspects hidden in the dish. The guests will learn current issues, findings and solutions for a sustainable use of marine resources.

Through a series of stages, basically the dinner courses, the guests will be guided by OGS researchers to discover that in ecology there are primary producers, herbivorous and carnivorous also among the marine species that we consume. Where are the species we eat located in the food chain? How their position in the chain is related to a sustainable consumption? The products served during the dinner are located along the complex marine food web, and thanks to a specially designed menu, the guests will understand the ecological footprint of seafood on the plate.

The event is organized by the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics – OGS with the support of FAIRSEA Project. Prizefish Project and DiVerso Project in partnership with Antico Caffè San Marco. To participate it’s mandatory to book at 040 0641724 or info@caffesanmarcotrieste.eu .

Photos courtesy of Francesca Petrera – OGS